Real Magic Fairy Wand

ROSEWOOD REAL MAGIC FAIRY WAND ~ Wooden Snake Design with Crystal Quartz & Garnet Ornaments

Magic Fairy Wand

Real Magic Fairy Wand Description:

This is one beautiful and powerful Wiccan Real Magic Fairy Wand for the practicioner of any level and enthusiasm! A true wonder to behold. If your looking for a Real Magic Fairy Wand for use or to just marvel at, you will not go wrong with this Wiccan Real Magic Fairy Wand!

Features of this incredible Real Magic Fairy Wand:

  • Powerful rosewood real magic fairy wand w/ wire wrapping, garnet ornaments. & crystal quartz endpieces

  • Measures approximately 10" L x 0.75" W x 0.75" H; Each piece is unique and dimensions may vary slightly.

  • Comes with bonus matching crystal quartz & garnet divination pendulum; Faceted quartz pendulum crystal is finely cut with 12 faces

  • Velvet pendulum pouch w/ Real Magic Fairy Symbols print is also included!

  • ROSEWOOD REAL MAGIC FAIRY WAND ~ Wooden Snake Design w/ Crystal Quartz & Garnet Ornaments

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