Using Your Magic Fairy Wand

A magic fairy wand is a guide and focal point of energy. Wands can be made out of copper, crystals, real wood and just about anything else. A wand becomes an energy device once all the components are assembled correctly. A magic fairy wand has the capability to send energy to anything and anywhere. Wands enable you to manifest whatever your mind wishes. They can also be employed to encourage restorative healing and to burst through energy barriers.

How Should You Work With a Magic Fairy Wand?

To begin with you need to do would be to rub your hands together for about 10-seconds or so to open up the energy pathways in your hands. Next, be sure to have the magic fairy wand in your writing hand. Think of it like this, a person's prominent, or writing hand, sends the energy and your other hand receives the energy. And after that aim the tip of the magic wand at the other hand. Envision the energy moving from your core via your arm into the wand, through the point and into your receiving hand. If you use your wand with anger or negative thoughts, you should cleanse it as fast as possible. Your magic wand will soak up negativity and you will then want to discharge it.

Just What Are the Ways to Use a Magic Fairy Wand?

magic fairy wand energy can be used for restorative healing, concentrating amulets, enchanting commonplace objects, balancing as well as grounding yourself, raising a talent, or to generate your future the way you wish. All sorts of healing are methods of opening the energy supply, and breaking down blocks, going back to a stable state. With a magic fairy wand, it is possible to relieve almost all types of pain, abrasions, head aches, nerves, stress symptoms and mental and emotional wounds. These types of wounds are blocks within your energy flow. Stress: the energy pathway of “letting go” is blocked. Nerves are energy routes from your mind. Cuts: the routes on the skin have been cut. When you are mentally harmed mainly because you're not letting go of the aches (energy blockage). Headaches: obstructions of blood stream or another imbalance occurs when the necessary energy cannot get to the brain. Nonetheless if the cause of the issue is not resolved the recovery is just short-term, i.e. headache for dehydration, the headache can be treated but without the benefit of ingesting water it will return soon.

Magic Fairy Wand

Methods to Re-Energize Your Magic Fairy Wand

Once in a while our magic fairy wands would probably begin to drop their charge, if this crops up, you will absolutely need to recharge it. In addition you can hold the wand in both hands and send energy from your hands and body straight into the wand. Just imagine the magic fairy wand sparkling with a dazzling white light. You might find that charging a wand with your own hands can drain you of your very own energy. Should this happen, you can still move the energy up from the soles of your feet and downward through the top of your head. Pull the focus of the energy to the midsection of the body. On the other hand, pyramid collectors are able to continually accumulate energy. Therefore the power which is accumulated inside of the pyramid is strong and more dependable. Wands can act as sponges and they will draw in all surrounding energies, so be careful permitting others handle it. You could pick up their bad vibes! It’s most effective to keep your wand wrapped in cloth or in a special wand bag, to keep the wand separated from the outside domain and keep the energy true to you, with no impurities. I have invariably observed that violet, blue, black or celestial type styles work the most reliable. Keep in mind you should always follow your own feelings.

Cleansing Your Magic Fairy Wand

It's exceedingly critical to purify your magic fairy wand simply because it is going to clear away undesired energy that could perhaps have accumulated. Wands or any other objects can be put on Selenite for a duration to enable purifying. Set the magic wand on Selenite for a few hours or up to several days, depending on the cleaning it needs. The bigger the piece of Selenite you have, the faster and stronger the cleaning will be. One other way to cleanse your magic fairy wand is to try using burning sage, which is called smudging. Hold the smoking sage underneath the wand and imagine the smoke soaking up all the negative energy coming from the wand as it passes. You could also put the wand in a stream, but be mindful that it doesn’t get washed away. The streaming water will wash away all undesirable energy. A word of caution, do not ever set a wood wand in a river, it may damage and even destroy it.