Handcrafted Willow Real Magic Wiccan Ritual Wand

 Willow Wands
Whenever one thinks about the lengthy heritage of witchcraft and Real Wicca Wands, you should certainly nearly always give consideration to the magical characteristics of the Willow Magic Wiccan Wand. Natural willow wood is extremely magical and is tremendously beneficial to witch, wizard and wiccan equally. It has long been connected with the Moon and it's tight relationship with Death. With these tremendous energies, the real magic willow wand can be employed to bolster those whom aim to call spirits and protect against evil assaults. The magic willow wand can also a substantial power when casting healing spells. This willow wand is literally hand made with the help of vibrant intent. Because of this handcrafting, every last of these one of a kind willow wands will vary in their wood grain and knots. These genuine willow wands measure any where between 13" to 16" in over all length and are usually from 1/2" to 1" in width.

Features of this hand made real magik willow wand:

~ Produced with loving care!

~ Every last willow wand is special unto itself!

~ Can be up to 16" in length!

~ Willow stands out as the 'Witches' wood!

Ritual Willow Wands