Real Rosewood Wiccan Wand

Real Rosewood Witch Ritual Wands

Having deep red, darkish brown, and black hue, Honduras Rosewood may be most popular for its use in high-quality construction including custom made cabinetry and home furnishings, as well as composition of musical instruments. Very strong and rugged, Honduras Rosewood trees will often rise to astonishing heights, with their resilient and strong tree branches routinely towering to the very top of the tropical jungles wherein they rise. This long life and the rich, earthy makeup of the wood lends effectiveness to every earth-related spell that a wand constructed of Honduras Rosewood is utilized in, specifically when the spell or ritual is connected to woodlands and the powers that dwell therein. For that increased boost to love spells and charm castings, Rosewood from Honduras is just what you are hunting for when you consider that this amazing wood resonates on those 'coming from the heart' channels. Each of these hand-crafted Magic Witch Ritual Rosewood Wand Rosewood s are going to get delivered at around sixteen" in length, however because of the fact that they are actually hand-made, you will get a magic wand which is uniquely yours since each one of these is different from the other. Should this be your 1st magic wand or if you currently have a very good collection, adding a Real Rosewood Ritual Wand to your personal work will certainly be phenomenal!

Features of Real Magic Wicca Rosewood Wands:

~ Totally handcrafted out of Honduras Rosewood

~ Very strong and sturdy

~ Lends power to every nature related spell

~ Impressive aid in strengthening charm spells and love spells

~ Approximately 16" long

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