Magic Rosewood Wand

~ Twisted Construction w/ Metal Conductor Rod, Crystal Quartz, and also Garnet Ornaments

Real Magic Ritual Rosewood Wands

Having deep crimson red, brownish, and black shades, Honduras Rosewood is perhaps most famous due to its use in high-quality wood working for example custom made cabinetry and home furniture, as well as composition of musical instruments. Strong and durable, Rosewood trees have the ability to blossom to startling heights, with their powerful tree branches often joining the top of the tropical jungles in which they rise. This kind of longevity and the deep, earthy characteristics of the wood adds power to every earthen based spell that a wand constructed of Rosewood is put into use in, specifically anytime the casting or ritual includes woodlands and the powers that dwell therein. Rosewood is also widely recognized for being a highly effective sustain in strengthening charms and love spells. All of these hand-made Real Magic Witches Ritual Rosewood Wands are going to are supplied at about 16" long, however, because of the fact that they are really hand-made, you will get a magic wand which is distinctively yours since every one is different from all the others. If it's your 1st magic wand or if you presently have a very good assortment, adding a Rosewood Wand to your personal work is going to be phenomenal!

Features of Real Magic Wiccan Rosewood Wands:

~ Totally made by hand right from Honduras Rosewood

~ Metal conductor rod, quartz crystal sphere and point, in addition to garnet gemstone accent pieces

~ Comes with bonus matching quartz crystal & garnet divination pendulum; Faceted quartz crystal pendulum is a high quality cut with 12 facets

~ Velvety pendulum pouch has Magic Symbol design also is supplied as a free gift to the buyer!

~ Quite strong and durable

~ Adds strength to virtually any nature related magic

~ Impressive help with empowering charms and love spells

~ Approx. 7 to 8" long

Magic Witches Rosewood Wands