Real Ebony Wiccan Wands

Real Magic Wiccan Ebony Ritual Wands

Hand carved out from rock solid Gaboon Ebony, each and every one of these Real Magic Ebony Wands is a dynamic distinctively crafted tool which will make a powerhouse acquisition to your magic energies and spells Ebony, for some time recognized as a highly effective gateway for castings of protection, as well as a potent amplifier of the energies that you may employ, can make each Real Magic Ebony Witches Ebony Wand awesome for almost every ritual or spell work you could possibly work with, and featuring a darkish hue, can make a suitable supplement to wands of a lighter hue in representation of the God and Goddess. Averaging 14" long, with its very own cloth tote pouch, every one of these hand-made wands are unique slightly both in shape and dimensions because they're constructed to fuse with the natural splendor and grain of the wood from which it's carved.

Each Real Magic Wand will feature:

~ Each and every Ebony Wand is made from Solid Gaboon Ebony

~ These great Real Magic Wands are Highly potent conduits for magic energies or spells

~ Each and every Magic Ebony Wand comes with it's very own cloth tote case

~ Each and every Wand is around 14" in length

Real Magic Wands