Magic Wicca Ritual Crystal Point Wand

Hand Crafted Magic Wicca Ritual Crystal Point Wand That Has a Terminated Quartz Crystal Point

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A terminated quartz crystal is typically used in restorative healing. Aimed away from one's body, it draws energy away from the whole body. Pointed towards a person, it transmutes energy towards yourself. Terminated quartz crystals have proven to be especially amazing for team tasks given that they assist with harmonize and pull into unison everyone in the array. These types of quartz crystal points are additionally a great help while in need of focus, for instance anytime you are learning, composing, work as well as in creating business plans. For those who have possession of different kinds of crystals, stones or gemstones, the terminated quartz crystal point have the ability to eliminate harmful energies by resting them on the quartz crystal. Quartz crystal Terminated quartz crystals will also greatly enhance and even trigger the energetic pathways of other crystals, stones or gemstones. When ever a quartz crystal point is integrated into a magic wand, it will become a superb healing apparatus. For those who happen to be aiming to incorporate a healing magic wand to your selection, this is really the way to go. You cannot beat it's healing energies.

This amazing Magical Crystal Point Pagan Wand measures about 11" long and has a quartz crystal point mounted on tip. It is made out of a pine main shaft and wrapped with solid copper wire. Don't forget that these hand made wands are unique unto themselves and as a result could have variation from magic wand to magic wand.

Highlights of this spectacular Magick Ritual Terminated Quartz Crystal Point Healing Wand consist of:

~ A Terminated quartz crystal for aiming warm waves of healing energy

~ Copper wrap to produce focusing energy waves

~ Pine Wand Shaft for adding more power

~ All-natural materials used - no glues are used

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