Real Magic Healing Copper Witch Wand

Magic Healing Ritual Copper Wands

Copper and restorative healing go with one another like two birds and a feather and this has long been accepted throughout our history. Making use of copper as the foundation for a healing wand, these types of therapeutic effects can become quite powerful. It has for ages been utilized to care for rheumatism and inflammation of the joints as well as an all encompassing element to restoration rituals and practices. Copper just happens to be considered to be a lucky metal, probably resulting from it's past solar connections, and hence can be put into use in conjunction with virtually any other types of luck bringing stones for more potent rituals and spell casting.

It is actually accepted by many people that copper has the ability to transfer psychic and restorative healing energies between people, the spirit worlds and also that it can help with amplifying thoughts whenever you are transmitting and accepting psychic information. When used in the form of a wand, copper will have massive, targeted strength. Copper can be utilized successfully on all Chakras but is particularly effective on the 1st Chakra [the Root or Base Chakra] and also the 4th Chakra [Heart Chakra] as prepping for meditating.

For anybody who is seeking to maximize the effectiveness of crystals or gemstones, arranged them in or near copper and their specific attributes can become more potent. It is also true when ever copper touches our bodies, it is believed to elevate the strength of ones own individual energy. Copper is known to also enhance the powers of silver, gold and other precious metals when it comes touching them.

The following gem stones are but a few which will rise in energy when utilized in or near to copper:


These Real Magic Copper Wands are around 7 1/2" to 8" in total and also have a quartz crystal ball at one end and a genuine quartz crystal point at the bottom of the wand shaft. A silver circlet with genuine garnet gemstone inserts adorns each end of the Real Healing Magic Copper Wand. These Real Magic Copper Wands are hand-made and can differ in look and overall size.

Copper Magic Healing Wands