Magic Fairy Agate Chakra Healing Wand

Real Agate Chakra Healing Wiccan Wands
The Real Agate Chakra Fairy Ritual Wand is definitely the most effective accessory for being able to help to channel your energy for healing and all types of other functions. Incorporating the properties of crystals, the Real Agate Chakra Healing Witch Ritual Wand is an extraordinary device of magical attributes. From bottom to top it boasts the most exceptional examples of Agate in 7 colors, with each representing one of the 7 Chakras. The Agate Chakra Witch Wand is without a doubt outstanding for Chakra work and also almost every other detoxification, levelling or healing work that you really could possibly require. Additionally it is excellent for reviving your mystical aim and connection with the entities, spirits and magical energy that surrounds you.

As if seven Agate jewels just weren't enough to turbo charge this Real Magic Wiccan Agate Chakra Wand, additionally it also has a genuine crystal point located on the base part which is connected by a silver-plated ornamental circlet. This multi-faceted quartz point captures the light inside a six faced star shaped pattern that exceptionally draws the light and enables you to gather the levels of energy you seek. And just to top every thing off, this unique Real Magic Wiccan Agate Chakra Wand possesses a second crystal affixed to the tip of the wand which is likewise attached with a silver-plated ornamental circlet. Use this multi-faceted second quartz crystal point to direct your own personal vibrations, enabling you to definitely optimize your spell work, healing practices and rituals to completely new levels.

This is actually a handcrafted wand and measures around 8" in overall length. The total dimensions and physical attributes will vary from wand to wand simply because they are each uniquely hand-crafted.

Agate Chakra Ritual Wands