Real Rose Quartz Fairy Healing Wand

Rose Quartz Wicca Wands

Rose Quartz crystal will help users to attune to unconditional love. It evens out the heart and soul for fantastic love affairs. This Magic Wiccan Rose Quartz Healing Wand definitely will enable you to bring in love, and also boost your present romance. It builds romantic relationships and helps bring about significant emotional healing. Whenever your Real Rose Quartz Healing Wiccan Ritual Wand is not being used, position it close to you or underneath your pillow at nighttime and it'll give you dreams of your romantic partners. This wand is outstanding for the romantic heart and Heart Chakra!

This Rose Quartz Healing Wicca Wand is constructed from a solid fragment of Genuine Rose Quartz. On the bottom end is a clear quartz crystal ball, on the top end is a multi-faced clear Genuine Quartz Crystal point. You will find there's lavish silver work throughout the center of the wand which in turn carries 7 genuine garnet gems that represent the seven Chakras! A terrific healing instrument, hand-crafted solely for you.

The Rose Quartz Wicca Ritual Wand measures approximately. 8 inches in size. Be sure you bear in mind that this wand is hand made and every one is unique, because of this, each and every wand will vary in size and shape.

Real Magic Wiccan Rose Quartz Ritual Wands